HVP Push-pull single-pin power connetor

HVP series are aimed at the restriction of operation space of the EV,their stucture is push-pull and self-locking

They have the safe and reliable torsion sprin jack based on the high-voltage and high-current of EV and HEV.


Self -locking

aving different kinds of keys for anti-misinsertion

Electromagnetic shielding

Comply with RoHS  Certification

1、Electrical properties

■ rated voltage:1000V DC

■ Rated current(30℃)

   60A (wire size 10mm²)

   80A (wire size 16mm²)

   120A (wire size 25mm²)          

   150A (wire size 35mm²)

   200A (wire size 50mm²)

   250A (wire size 70mm²)

■ insulation resistance::≥5000MΩ(Normally)

■ withstand voltage:3000V AC

2、Other parameters

■Ingress protection:IP67

■Operating Temperature:-40℃~+125℃

■Number of positions :1 core

■Wire range:10~70mm²

3、Material &Surface treatment

■Shell material :Aluminium alloy

■Aluminium alloy:PA66

■Flammability:UL94 V-0

■Inserts &Sockets:brass

■Surface treatment:silver plated

■sealing  material:silicone rubber

02_画板 1.jpg

04_画板 1.jpg

HVP 0 1 2- 1 W 1 C16 G
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1:Connector Series
3:Hole configuration:  shell NO.-hole site
                       12-1 14-1 16-1 20-1
4:Keyway   blank -conventional key
                   W-W X-X Y-Y Z-Z  U-U N-N
5: shell surface : 1-nickel plating  48H salt spray
6:H- busbar contact locking terminal(for receptacle)   M-screw locking terminal(for receptacle)
   C*-cable contact terminal(*-wire size)
  C10-10mm²  C16-16mm²    C25-25mm²  C35-35mm²  C50-50mm²  C70-70mm² 
7:Attachment:     blank- attachment, seal ring (recommended)   N-no attachment, no seal ring   M-glue pouring(receptacle only)