HD01 series

Applying for the EV and HEV market

Meet the requirements for high voltage and high current of the battery ,motor control , inverter ,PDU.ect.


High –voltage connector

Small size, ,compact structure

Electromagnetic shielding : 360°

Metal housing,shock proof,compressive

Easy to install ,reliable

1、Electrical properties

■ rated voltage:1000V DC

■ Rated current(30℃)

   80A (wire size 16mm²)

   120A (wire size 25mm²)          

   150A (wire size 35mm²)

   200A (wire size 50mm²)

■ insulation resistance::≥5000MΩ(Normally)

■ withstand voltage:3000V AC

2、Other parameters

■Ingress protection:IP67

■Operating Temperature:-40℃~+125℃

■Number of positions :2/3 core

■Wire range:16~50mm²

3、Material &Surface treatment

■Shell material :Aluminium alloy

■Aluminium alloy:PA66

■Flammability:UL94 V-0

■sealing  material:silicone rubber

02_画板 1.jpg

05_画板 1.jpg

HD01 2 16 X
1 2 3 4
1:Connector Series
2: Number of positions  2-two  3-three 
3: 5:Wire size 16-16mm²  25-25mm²   35-35mm²  50-50mm²
4:Busbar length A、B(can be removable  )…