40.5kV Busbar Connector Sysyem

Busbar connector system is manufactured from silicone rubber, mainly applied to the connection for SF6 insulated switchgear with metal housing. The connecting interface conforms to type C in EN50180, EN 50181. Screened busbar up to 40.5kV, 1250A

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ItemBusbar Connector and Kits
Voltage Class40.5kV
Rated Current1250A
AC Withstand Voltage95kV for 1min
Partial Discharge45kV,≤10pC

Impulse Withstand Voltage(10 times for each polarity)

Screen Resistance≤5000Ω


  The available busbar lengths are 550 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm and 800mm

  Quick and easy assembly

  Screening by outer conductive layer

  Integrated stress control system

  Note: Unscreened products for busbar connector system are available.