Y Type Branch joint

Branch joint:WYJJFG

Branch joint:WYJJFG


Branch jointWYJJFG  

Rated voltage48/66kVapplicable to 120~1600mm2

Rated voltage64/110kVapplicable to 240 ~1600mm2

Rated voltage76/138kVapplicable to 240 ~1600mm2


1. Branch joint body is vacuum injection molded by thermosetting resin or insulated rubber, of which wholly dry construction prevents potential oil-leakage. 

2. One-piece design and outer metal enclosure provides such properties as water-proofing, damp resistance and mechanical stress resistance to maintain branch joints’ operation under various conditions.

3. Compact structure and small volume save its installation space. Installation available in cable well, cable duct or direct bury.

4. Wholly prefabricated in factory. No filler and insulated gas is required. Simply insert the prepared cable into the joint body while no maintenance is required during operation.


Notice When Ordering:

1.Cable configuration and the cross-sectional area of earth wire shall be submitted when ordering.

2.Feel free to contact our sales manager before ordering if you have any special requirements.