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600A Deadbreak Tee Connector

600A Deadbreak Tee Connector

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  • 1、Made of EPDM rubber, providing a fully screened and submersible separable connection
  • 2、In complying with IEEE 386
  • 3、No minimum phase clearance requirements
  • 4、Compact design
  • 5、100% factory tested
  • 6、Voltage class: 15 kV

Technical Data

Rated Voltage (U0/U) 8.3/14.4kV
Rated Current 600A
AC Withstand Voltage 34kV for 1min
Partial Discharge 11kV,≤3pC
Impulse Withstand Voltage (10 times for each polarity) 95kV
Screen Resistance ≤5000Ω
Cable Cross-section 25-400mm2


Selection Table

Part No. Diameter over Insulation /mm Lug
Tee type Tee-Ⅱ type
WADT615A01C3 WADT2615A01C3 Ø16-18 25 mm2 Copper
WADT615B02C3 WADT2615B02C3 Ø17-20 35 mm2 Copper
WADT615B03C3 WADT2615B03C3 Ø17-20 50 mm2 Copper
WADT615C04C3 WADT2615B04C3 Ø20-23 70 mm2 Copper
WADT615C06C3 WADT2615B06C3 Ø20-23 95 mm2 Copper
WADT615D07C3 WADT2615D07C3 Ø23-26 120 mm2 Copper
WADT615D08C3 WADT2615D08C3 Ø23-26 150 mm2 Copper
WADT615E10C3 WADT2615E10C3 Ø26-30 185 mm2 Copper
WADT615E11C3 WADT2615E11C3 Ø26-30 240 mm2 Copper
WADT615F12C3 WADT2615F12C3 Ø30-33 300 mm2 Copper
WADT615G13C3 WADT2615G13C3 Ø33-36 400 mm2 Copper

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