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WO-80500BK (N85)Ribbon

WO-80500BK (N85)Ribbon

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WO-80500BK (N85)— is an ultra- high durability black resin thermal transfer ribbon, tested and approved for use on WOER AMS-M, HMS-M, DIN-M and HNF-M wire marker sleeves as well as DIN/AMS/HMS/HNF cable marker tags. For reliable print performance and durability, please use WOER recommended compatible printers.
Manufacturer:   WOER
The max storage temperature:  -5°C---40°C
Operating temperature:  5°C----35°C
The delivery temperature:  -5°C ----45°C
Complied standards:  SAE AS 81531 and MIL-STD-202F/215K
Ribbon width:     100 mm
Ribbon length:    300 m
Printable area:    100% full area
Internal diameter:25mm
Outside diameter:    62mm
Ink:  Resin
Standard color:  Black
Ribbon wind direction: Ink exterior
3. Recommended printers and materials
Compatible printer:      WO-III,110-600DPI
Compatible materials:   AMS-M, HMS-M,
                                            DIN-M, HNF-M

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