WCSEC Cold Shrink End Caps

WCSEC Cold Shrink End Caps

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Made of EPDM rubber
Easy and fast installation
Can meet a variety of configuration requirements
Provide sealing protection over multi-core cable ends
Used to seal cable during installation or storage, protecting cable ends against
Simple and fast installation, no tools required.
Accommodating size ranges from 13mm – 70mm.
Sealing tight, high rebound even after prolonged years of aging and exposure.
No mastic or tape required.
No torches or heat required.
Resists fungus.
Resists acids and alkalis.
Resists ozone.
Easily removed.
No training required for installation.
The WOER Cold Shrink EC-Series End Caps protect cables, pipes and other cylindrical objects from exposure to moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet radiation, physical contact and other environmental hazards.

Selection Table

Specification Ø20/12 Ø28/16 Ø47/23 Ø56/23 Ø80/46
Color Black Black Black Black Black
Expanded ID (mm) 20±2 28±2 47±2 56±2 80±2
Recovered ID (mm) 10±2 14±2 21±2 21±2 45±2
Recovered Thickness (mm) 2.5±0.5 2.5±0.5 2.7±0.5 2.7±0.5 2.8±0.5
Recovered Length (mm) 100±5 100±5 100±5 100±5 100±5
Application Range(mm) Ø13-Ø15 Ø18-Ø23 Ø25-Ø38 Ø25-Ø48 Ø48-Ø70

Technical Data

Item Property Unit Typical Value Standard of Test
1 Hardness Shore A 43 ASTM D 2240
2 Tensile Strength MPa 9 ASTM D 412
3 Elongation at Break % 560 ASTM D 412
4 Tear Strength KN/M 30 ASTM D 624
5 Volume Resistivity Ω·cm ≥1x1014 IEC 60093

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