EPDM Cold Shrink Tube

EPDM Cold Shrink Tube

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EPDM rubber

  • Offering good mechanical, insulation and sealing protection
  • Accommodating a wide range of cable sizes
  • For indoor or outdoor applications
  • Simple and fast installation

Cold Shrink Tube of General EPDM
Part No. Size Application Range (mm/inch) Length after Relaxed (mm/inch) Color
8320-6 Φ20 8~15/0.30~0.59 152/6 Black
8325-L Φ25 10~20/0.39~0.79 203~280/8~11 Black
8335-L Φ35 14~30/0.55~1.18 229~280/9~11 Black
8340-L Φ40 17.5~33/0.69~1.30 152~457/6~18 Black
8353-L Φ53 25~46/0.98~1.81 152~457/6~18 Black
8370-L Φ70 32~63/1.26~2.48 152~457/6~18 Black
8104-9 Ф104 43~94/1.69~3.70 229/9 Black
8125-9 Ф125 46~114/1.81~4.49 229/9 Black
8150-18 Ф150 55-135/2.17~5.31 457/18 Black

Cold Shrink Tube of High Shrinkage Ratio EPDM
Part No. Size Application Range (mm/inch) Length after Relaxed (mm/inch) Color
8435-L Φ35 12.5~30/0.49~1.18 229~279/9~11 Black
8440-L Φ40 14~33/0.55~1.30 152~406/6~16 Black
8453-L Φ53 19~46/0.75~1.81 152~457/6~18 Black
8460-10 Ф60 20.5~51/0.81~2.01 254/10 Black
8470-L Ф70 25~63/0.98~2.48 152~457/6~18 Black
8480-13 Ф80 27.4~70/1.08~2.75 325/13 Black

Remark: L indicates the required length after relaxed with the unit of mm or inch.

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