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Part No. picture Description Application Shrink Ratio Adhesive Lining Standards
WRSJX (Heat Shrink Right Angle/Straight Cable Boot) Heat Shrink Right Angle/Straight Cable Boot WRSJX Made of polyolefin, inner coated with hot melt adhesive at the ends Excellent insulation, flame retardant, thermal stability, etc Used to protect cable against flashover or surges induce in switchgear and transformer Shaped components to meet a range of requirements -55℃ to 100℃
WRSHJG (Heat Shrink Insulation Tube) Heat Shrink Insulation Tube WRSHJG WRSHJG Heat Shrink Insulation Tube Made of cross linked polyolefin, inner coated with adhesive at both ends Used in cable joints up to 36 kV High insulation Continuous operation temperature: -45℃ to 105℃ Shrink temperature: start at 100℃, and fully recovered at 130℃ Color: red 36kv
WRSLT (Heat Shrinkable Boot Adapters) Heat Shrinkable Boot Adapters WRSLT WOER heat-shrinkable boot adapters provide a watertight and fume tight seal where cables enter connection boxes, bulkheads, or other enclosures. The standard adapter for thin-wall enclosures consists of a three-part assembly——a rigid plastic nut, O-ring, and heat-shrinkable boot adapter.
WSKG (Silicon Rubber Overhead Line Covers) Silicon Rubber Overhead Line Covers WSKG The innovative product design, ease of installation. Use silicon rubber material, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, with good resistance to corona resistance, high temperature performance, especially suitable for the protection of the bare wire. Widely used in substation protection works and railway catenary system, a significant effect in the cross-lines.
WRKG (Overhead Line Covers) WRKG Overhead Line Covers The overhead line covers is a cold-applied wrap around cover that provides retrofit insulation for overhead conductors to help prevent electrical outages caused by incidental contact from tree branches or wildlife. The overhead line covers may be applied selectively on problem spans to avoid costly conductor replacement. Installation is possible on energized lines utilizing the Split insulation tube tool which attaches directly to the overhead conductor and remains stationary in a single location. 15kV, 25kV
WRSJG (Heat Shrinkable Anti-tracking Insulation tube) Heat Shrinkable Anti-tracking Insulation tube WRSJG Heat Shrink Non Tracking Tubes are used in medium voltage cable Joints and terminations upto 36kv. The tubes are produced from high quality non tracking cross linked polyolefin material that offers exceptional insulation and long term service reliability. -55°C to 100°C 2:1
WMPG (Heat Shrinkable Busbar Insulating Tube ) Heat Shrinkable Busbar Insulating Tube WMPG Made of cross linked polyolefin
High resistance to tracking, ageing and erosion
Used to offer insulation protection for busbar in switchgear and substation
Can be supplied in continuous length
Continuous operation temperature: -45℃ to 105℃
Shrink temperature: start at 110℃, and fully recovered at 130℃
Color: black, red, green, yellow, blue
WRSJD (Cross-linked Heat Shrinkable Insulation tape) Cross-linked Heat Shrinkable Insulation tape WRSJD Cross-linked Heat shrinkable insulation tape adopts Cross-linked polyolefin and environmental friendly heat melted adhesive that can be used for insulation, waterproof and anti-corrosion purposes. -55℃~105℃
WDWT (Semi-Conductive Shrinkable Tubing) Semi-conductive/Insulation Double layer shrinkable tubing WDWT it can be applied to power cable straight joints for insulating and outer-shielding layer up to 35kv.and other places where require insulation and shield. -40°C to 100°C
WRSHG (Heat Shrinkable Protective Tube) Heat Shrinkable Protective Tube WRSHG Excellent insulation and rapid shrink.Mainly used for the outer protection of cable straight joints.
Material:cross-linked polyolefin.
WRSYL (Heat Shrinkable Stress Control Tube) Heat Shrinkable Stress Control Tube WRSYL Provide effective stress control for termination kits and straight joints for XLPE cable and PILC Cable up to 36kv
Material:cross-linked polymer
WRSBG (Heat Shrinkable Semi-conductive Tube) Heat Shrinkable Semi-conductive Tube WRSBG Heat Shrink Semi-conductive Tubes are use in Cable Joints upto 36 KV to provide insulation screen on the build-up insulation over connectors. -40℃~100℃
Forking Heat Shrink Tubing Forking Heat Shrink Tubing Forking heat shrink tubing
WRSKT (2-Core Clip-On Breakout) 2-Core Clip-On Breakout WRSKT 2-core clip-on breakout Main Material:polyolefin,stainless steel
Cold Shrink Breakout Cold Shrink Breakout Cold shrink silicone rubber breakouts are factory expanded and mounted on removable inner supporting plastic cores.
Cold Shrink Tubing Cold Shrink Tubing Cold shrink tubes are insulated ,open-ended,rubber sleeve which is factory expanded and assembled onto removable plastic cores.
WRSXP (Heat Shrinkable Repair Sleeve ) Heat Shrinkable Repair Sleeve WRSXP High shrink ratio covers even irregular shapes.
Better split resistance than competitive products.
3:1 -45°C to 105°C Yes IEC 243
WRSFM (Crosslinked Polyolefin End Cap) Crosslinked Polyolefin End Cap WRSFM Heat shrink end caps are a simple yet effective method for sealing cable ends,pipe conduit or other similar objects.
Superior resistance to weathering
2:1 Yes UL 224
WRSZT (Heat Shrink Cable Breakout) Heat Shrink Cable Breakout  WRSZT Shrink ratio accommodates a wide range of cables.
Boots for 2,3,4 and 5 way cable.
Strain relief and mechanical protection
2:1 Yes
Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Rain Sheds Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Rain Sheds Made from high creep resistance, anti-tracking polyolefin compound and coated with anti-track, weather resistant mastic.
AC (Heat Shrinkable Anode Cap) Heat shrinkable anode cap Anode cap seals and protects the critical connection between lead wire and anode.
Shrink temperature:Start at 100℃,and shrink totally at 130℃.
3:1 -55℃~100℃ Yes UL 224

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