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Medium & Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tube

Medium wall and heavy Wall heat shrinkable Tubing possesses excellent insulationg,environmental sealing,and impact and abrasion resistance.

Medium Wall & Heavy Wall tubing is used in a variety of general purpose applications to seal and protect electrical connections and teiminationsand provide excellent mechanical protection.

Woer line of specially designed medium & heavy wall products are used as the industry standard in several markets including electricity and Mass Transportation.

Part No. picture Description Shrink Ratio Operating Temperature °C Standards
SBRSTV Medium Wall Adhesive-lined Heat Variable Heat Shrink Tube SBRSTV heat shrinkable tubing and adhesive liner combination that established the CATV industry standard for splice and connector protection. 2:1 -45ºċ to 125ºċ RoHS compliant
SBRSW Heavy Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Tube SBRSW Heavy wall heat shrinkable tuing provides maximum reliability for insulation and protecting cable joints and terminations. 2:1 -45 ºċ to 125ºċ. RoHS compliant
SBRSM Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Tubing SBRSM Medium wall heat shrinkable tubing suitable for a variety of low voltage electrical and mechanical application,where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important. 2:1 -45ºċ to 125ºċ RoHS compliant

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