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Woer received AS9100 aerospace quality management system certification

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         June 7, 2010 afternoon, the multi-purpose hall at the company headquarters in Shenzhen, held"AS9100 aerospace quality management system certification," the certification ceremony. InspectionGroup International BV, Executive Manager of South China Miss Zou Fengxian, Lead Auditor Miss LiuHaiying, head of Wal-Mart sales of Woer Mr. Xiang Keshuang, Deputy Chief Engineer Mr.Wang Zhiyong, departments such as leadership and project team members participated in the ceremony.
          Company as a leading enterprise of heat shrinkable material, the first through the AS9100 aerospace quality management system certification and product development from design, manufacturing, service and sales throughout the process, established in line with the requirements of aerospace quality management system, which is the company heat shrinkable material for the certification industry has set a benchmark.
           In the certification ceremony, BV international inspection group executive director of South China on the company successfully obtained Miss Zou Fengxian AS9100 aerospace quality management certification congratulated and awarded certificates, which is issued by BV in the Greater China industry's first thermal material AS9100 certification.Sales person in charge of Mr. Xiang Keshuang sure all members of the project team for their hard work and all the staff for their efforts.Hope that the company at all levels of management, R & D and production, sustained by sales staff to perform system requirements, to implement, and constantly open up new areas and new markets.


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