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Woer end 2008 the Year-end Meeting of the marketing

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         Woer three-day sales for 2008 year-end wrap-up meeting in the Victory Industrial Park, Longgang District, Walter held. Woer Heat-Shrinkable materials Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou Heping, the company and the system is responsible leaders as well as branch managers from across the country, the senior leadership of the foreign subsidiaries, distributors and representatives were invited to attend this meeting .

      This meeting in order to "change, innovation, efficiency and progress" as the theme, the chairman Mr. Zhou Heping, head of marketing system companies such as Mr. Xiang Keshuang leaders made an important speech at the meeting. Chairman Mr. Zhou Heping said the global financial crisis on China has been a significant impact on the real economy, the future development of China's enterprises face significant challenges, but we should see the crisis contains an opportunity, as the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" in-depth Expand and four trillion of infrastructure projects and orderly start, the relevant basic industry will achieve a historic great development. We should assess the situation and efforts to reform and innovate, speed up product upgrading, ride out the storm. Person in charge of marketing system in the summary of Mr. Xiang Keshuang 08 on the basis of marketing, marketing system on the 2009 changes, and sales objectives, responsibilities are further described.

       In the year-end wrap-up session, all participants fully endorsed the company's marketing model of innovation, the upgrading of product structure, the successful introduction of new products on the company's future contrarian, to achieve significant leaps and bounds, branch manager They are full of confidence, an oath must make persistent efforts to tide over the crisis with the company. In the happy and peaceful, warm atmosphere, Woer marketing in 2008 year-end wrap-up session ended!

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