Technological innovation is the soul of an enterprise. As a key national high-tech enterprise, WOER always put the scientific and technological innovation as the eternal theme and inexhaustible power of the company’s development. The company has an R & D center of strong innovation ability, which, over the years, has been responsible for science and technology projects at all levels, with independent intellectual property rights of all products. In recent years, the company has applied for and accessed to more than 50 international and domestic invention and patents, and has got municipal science and technology achievement appraisal for many products. It is now with technical level and comprehensive performance as advanced internationally and as leading domestically.

R & D results:
     Cooperating with CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, WORE successfully developed the high-temperature superconducting cable which is part of the state's 863 plan.
     In 2006, the company and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics cooperated and started developing the economic project of waste disposal recycling. The process flow of the project has been applying for domestic and international patent protection. Now the experimental study has been successful. Once got industrialized, it will bring about cycling economic advantages to the company.

1. “Radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable material of high-tech industrialization projects” has been included in the national nuclear technology application major special plan.
2. Environmental protection flame retardant heat-shrinkable tube products, environmentally friendly flame retardant cross-linked wire products have been included in the municipal project of new product plans, and got the science and technology progress award.
3. 35kV cold-shrinkable cable accessories, passed the testing from the national electrical testing center, have been included in the new product plan of Guangdong Province.
4. “Radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable & environmental protection material of high-tech industrialization project” was awarded the "2006 Shenzhen science and technology innovation award".
5. Environmental protection flame retardant heat-shrinkable material tube products industrialization project got the municipal science progress award.

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